ELI NANOS, Designer & Partner

Eli believes that design is an opportunity for self expression. Having grown up in a creative environment it was only natural that she became a designer. Eli had formal training and received her Diploma for Interior Architectural Design. She went on to work for one of Canada's top designers at Bruce Wilson Canada where she developed her skills and began a career as an Interior Designer. Her love of new experiences and her passion for design took her to study at Parsons in New York City. Eli’s love of the West Coast brought her home where she became the co-founder of IVYHOUSE. 

Eli gathers her inspiration primarily from her extensive traveling and her love of nature. In every project she believes that the surrounding elements should be at the forefront of consideration. The knowledge and inspiration cultivated by travel feeds innovative ideas with culture, people and cutting edge products. 

“The design process should be thoughtful and meticulous. It is a collaboration between the designer, client and trades. The goal is to create innovative and unique spaces which reflect the client's individuality. This is my joy, and I am continuously excited about searching for new ways to create timeless spaces."